Chris Rudd

CA, Western Institute of Technology

Business Advisor

Chris Rudd was born and bred in Taranaki. He’s now helping local business owners to be the best they can be! He likes to understand the ‘how’ and ‘who’ of a business. How it ticks, its strengths and needs.

“If my clients can see the changes resulting from their journey, sometimes long before it finishes, that is when I am happiest.”

Early in his career, Chris found a knack for finding process improvements, often through people and their skills. Sometimes the change meant taking some risk.

‘Clients know their business better than anyone else. Working alongside them often reveals ways to positively influence their business.”

Chris has experience spanning corporates, commercial and local government. He’s worked in manufacturing, property and project management and design, both in finance and commercial roles.

Chris has built strong teams based on great culture, training, and leadership. Though a qualified Chartered Accountant, he has focused on people and process improvement for many years. Loyal to his clients, it’s no surprise to see Chris roll up his sleeves and get hands-on to assist them on their journey.

He is a strong analytical problem solver with a passion for improving existing processes and systems. Chris cares about people and enjoys the rapport built on the mutual respect developed in client relationships.

Chris Rudd | Business Advisor, Taranaki
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Strategy 90%
Cashflow and profitability 95%
Governance and risk managment 90%
People, culture and leadership 90%
Finance & Business Planning 95%

Personal Profile

Chris began his working career in a bakery in New Plymouth. He found the interaction of people and processes sparks his management accounting mind.  So he has been asking the ‘why’ and ‘what changes’ questions ever since.

His clients value the commercial expertise Chris offers. However, his key strengths also embrace the people and finance aspects of business management. He is at home with rapid growth and change and can help you with all the challenges it brings.

Chris has strong ties to his local community. He is a past president of his surf club and loves to cycle. Chris rode in charity events that spanned the whole of New Zealand, raising over $300k for local charities.

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