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Craig’s business knowledge and instincts are born of over 35 years working with New Zealanders to achieve successful outcomes in business.

Jack Welch says, ‘a leader’s job is to look into the future and see the organization not as it is, but as it should be.’ Craig discovers where each of his clients want to be in the future, and then works with them on how to get there.

Delivering profitable revenue allows the other elements of any business to develop and thrive with astute management. Business owners today need to work across multiple disciplines all whist achieving some balance in life.

Craig’s prior experience sits across many areas (see below). These combined strengths mean he can bring insight to how they best fit together for the differing needs of your business. He will help you weight operational and governance emphasis in the right areas, nudge you towards any blind spots, whilst encouraging you to build on what you are already doing well.

Craig will provide a sounding board, challenge and facilitate. He applies perspective and a thorough step-by-step process to help bring about the best possible outcomes.

He believes strongly in the value of people. Empowering your team by demonstrating respect and genuine care for all team members on a personal level. Placing their needs at the forefront of your business culture models your expectations. Leaders must walk the talk, showing how staff are expected to treat each other, their customers and suppliers.

Craig is an empathetic listener with high emotional intelligence. He’s known for his integrity, honesty, loyalty, ability to listen. He has a good gut instinct, gains trust, has astute perception and a firm strategic grasp. Craig will cut through the noise to determine the needs of your business.

Craig Wylde, Advantage Business Advisor, Waikato
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Sales & Customer Development 95%
Strategy, Development and Execution 95%
Leadership/People engagement 95%
Communication 95%
Change Management 95%

Personal Profile


Leadership and people

  • Translated owner’s requirements into a clear vision, mission and plan
  • Led strategic direction, sales growth, expansion, and operational change of a large retail business
  • Recruited new high performing team members, expanding from 14 to 40 staff
  • Led cultural change, incorporating newly defined values and behavior

Strategy & Business planning

  • Conceived and developed strategic, financial and operational business goals
  • Separated retail and wholesale divisions into separate legal and physical entities
  • Envisioned and implemented business strategy supporting business plan
  • Accurately forecast revenue and operational budgets over 5 years

Sales & marketing

  • Delivered over 300% sustainable revenue growth between 2013 – 2018
  • Focused on a brand opportunity to develop expanded and aligned independent dealer network
  • Increased sellout of primary product by >200% and >400% respectively over 3 years
  • Delivered increased brand awareness through social, print and sponsorship, including 3-year sponsorship of Super Rugby team to boost reseller engagement
  • Successfully increased product unit sellout over 5 years, doubled annual revenue to >$25m
  • Reconfigured and implemented strategic pricing structure and customer brand alignment, increased profit margins (by 3 -4 %)

Relationship management

  • Developed strong customer and supplier relationships both domestic and international
  • Presented at conferences with Korean Trade Commission, Mitsubishi NZ, NEXEN global

Supply chain

  • Set strategy, pricing structure and selected appropriate market channels
  • Built excellent rapport with primary suppliers for enhanced product flow and NZ market initiatives
  • Expanded company warehouse(s) from 1 to 4 locations in NZ to be closer to market
  • Continuously evolved a more efficient freight network delivery and visibility
  • Conceptualized and created an e-commerce model for consumer engagement to support dealer expansion

Systems and process improvement

  • Researched and created a new IT platform roadmap
  • Built new IT infrastructure including the integration of CRM, ERP and WMS systems to the roadmap design
  • Launched new BI reporting with KPIs
  • Began introduction of automated workflow processes
  • Established KPIs and documented SOPs
  • Developed and established comprehensive Health & Safety policies and procedures

Change management

  • Managed all aspects of a small team in a hands-on import-distribution business
  • Re-established a business by altering and building a niche market product range
  • Successfully managed significant changes to an entire product range by diversifying to mitigate diminishing market opportunities, sourced new global suppliers, re-negotiated improved pricing and established new national price structures across retail and wholesale
  • Achieved 100% increase in customer engagement and market share across a chosen market segment

Business development

  • Played a significant role in company growth from one employee to a successful multi-million dollar market leader over a 15-year period
  • Successfully established nationwide distribution via selected independent and corporate retailers
  • Created a wider demand for what was a niche product

International experience

Craig has over 30 years of international business experience. He travelled extensively (in Europe, Asia, the US, South Africa and Australia) to forge relationships with suppliers, agree terms of trade and conduct pricing negotiations. He gained a good understanding of manufacturing, specifying product modifications to suit NZ conditions, selecting, testing and designing products, forecasting market share, presenting at conferences and to Boards and hosting customer and team incentive reward trips.

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