Dave Jury

Business Advisor

Dave Jury is an accomplished business manager with a background in multi-nationals across many market sectors. He has extensive experience in Business Process Improvement, IT, Finance and Business Development.

Dave understands the challenges faced by business owners and managers. He provides his clients with support to increase their profitability by sharing his own skills and all the resources that Advantage Business has to offer.

Dave works closely with his clients to discover their goals and achieve targets. He enables them to extract the most out of both their businesses and their lives.

Strategy Development and Execution 98%
Entrepreneurial 98%
Marketing/Sales 98%
Change Management 98%
Finance 98%
Business Systems / IT 98%

Personal Profile

Dave Jury is a New Zealander who has spent much of his career overseas working for multinationals in Zimbabwe, the UK, Libya and Germany. His management expertise is multidisciplinary including finance, administration, legal, supply chain, IT and HR.

Dave’s strong interest in Business Process Improvement goes hand in hand with his ability to lead people through the process of change management. Always focused on profitability and the customer experience, he is not afraid to get stuck into the detail. He’s a problem solver by nature and has successfully planned and implemented ERP systems, databases and business software.

Clients value Dave’s integrity and skill in negotiations, his excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Industry exposure

  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Solutions
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Oil and Gas


Dave enjoys many sports including motor racing, skiing, boating but also likes to read and develop code. He’s a regular Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) contributor.

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Dave Jury

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