Helen Corban

BA (Education), University of Akl
Diploma in Advanced Japanese, AUT
Accredited Life Coach, LCA, Australia

Business Advisor

I’m passionate about helping you achieve your goals both in business and in your personal life.  My mission is to add value to your business and enable you to work more effectively. Focus on achieving the right results. Grow your business and your team. Do you want to step out and be really successful? Let’s take it to the next level.

Training – developing and delivering courses 98%
Networking/Partnerships 98%
People/Communication 98%
Change Management 95%
Sales/Customer Development 95%
Leadership/People Engagement 95%
Entrepreneurial 95%

Personal Profile

I have an extensive background in business, training and coaching. My expertise has been sought by business professionals across many industries.  I have experience both in the government and corporate sectors, working in SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. I bring an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help businesses succeed.

What motivates me is making a difference to my clients. Because people are my priority. My goal is to help clients achieve their business objectives and live their best personal lives. That is why I focus on maximising time and finding solutions. I use proven tools and methods, to make a positive change.

I’m skilled in assessing the core issues in a business and systematically working to eliminate challenges. My style is pragmatic, organised and always client-focused. I have a proven track record in helping clients to meet and exceed their targets, establish an excellent people culture and adapt to changing business environments.

I have over thirty years’ experience delivering solutions to businesses through training and consulting. Fifteen years were spent delivering time management training. I worked in corporate and government sectors as well as for SMEs. Fluent in Japanese, I spent two years in Japan leading time management programmes for HR companies and at the Japanese Consulate. Flexible and adaptable to different cultures, my work in recruitment focused on skilled migrants. I was able to help employers maximise the benefits of a diverse team.

With nearly 20 years in business myself, I am experienced in strategic vision and focused on delivering the right results. This enables me to be effective both professionally and personally. Always driven by outcomes that are meaningful to the client. My approach is structured and logical thereby reducing stress and complexity. I can add real value to your bottom line.

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