Jonathan Sweeney

MBA. University of Bradford (UK)

Business Advisor & Growth Strategist

I’ve been growing businesses and developing the skills and outputs of others for over 25 years. As the phrase goes ‘If you find something you enjoy, keep doing it’ – that’s a lot of my WHY!

Sales & Customer Development 95%
Strategy Development & Execution 90%
Leadership & People Engagement 95%
Governance & Risk Management 95%
Marketing, Ideas and Creative 90%

Personal Profile

I always had a desire to be the lead singer of a band – so that didn’t work out and I discovered I had talent to manage the talent and aspiration of others. Coupled with this, as a child, I remember one of my first books was ‘How it works’ and I’ve had that curiosity ever since – now it’s Businesses, Brands and People (at the workplace and at home). I condense what I’ve experienced (great and not so) from many environments and make it relevant for the NZ SME. Bottom line I’m all about Results and Outcomes – I need others to see value in me and that comes from them realising value for their business and themselves.

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