Steve Alesech

DipBusAdmin, IECL Accredited Coach

Business Advisor & Coach

Based in Auckland but extensively travelled, Steve has real-life experience, skill and mastery in business and people. He has a reputation for getting things done and whether a sounding board, devil’s advocate, counsellor, coach, facilitator or taskmaster, his objective is to help business owners and their people to achieve business and life goals.

His experience spans over 30 years encompassing small to medium business ownership as well as a career in corporate and multinational organisations. As a successful business operator and entrepreneur who has had his fair share of setbacks, he can relate to the many and varied challenges with which owners are faced within a business.

Steve’s initial engagement consultation and business health check report are about identifying the main concerns, opportunities and high-level plan for moving forward. This meeting is a chance for both parties to establish a rapport and a working relationship before any cost or commitment is entered in to. If you are wanting to move your business to the next level, looking to exit, have people issues or a specific problem to discuss in confidence, call or email Steve for a no-obligation consultation.

Steve Alesech, Business Advisor, Auckland
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People, Culture & Leadership 100%
Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions 100%
Finance & Business Planning 100%
Governance & Risk Management 100%
Exit & Succession Strategy 100%
Sales, Negotiation and Marketing 100%
Health & Safety 100%

Personal Profile

Steve has owned businesses in the manufacturing, retail and transport industries and has extensive experience in the oil and renewable fuels industry (Shell, Z Energy and Exxon). He has sound financial skills, is a strategic thinker with project, operational, leadership, governance, people and culture experience. An advocate for safe workplace practice, he promotes proactive and continuous learning health and safety systems, “The standard you walk past is the standard you set!” His purpose is to inspire others to do what inspires them.

Mental health issues are a growing concern for business owners. Poor leadership and workplace culture can impact the health and wellbeing of staff resulting in low engagement, retention and productivity issues. 75% of businesses in NZ place in the mid to lower quartile for employee engagement. Compounding this is the challenge for owners and managers to take time out of the business to think, plan and execute effectively or strategically. Clearly, there are a lot of upsides available if these issues can be addressed. As an independent party, an Advantage Business advisor will ensure more effective planning, insights, conversations and actions are taking place. Steve’s role is to be a sounding board, an impartial voice, the coach and the trusted advisor. He will ask the hard questions, listen without agenda, coach for development and hold people to account. The value will far outweigh the cost and the results will speak for themselves.


“… As someone who has great operational experience, he has real empathy for the front line and knows what it takes to get the job done. He has always been one of the sought-after guys I have worked with that everyone wants on their team.”

Mark Forsyth – Managing Director – Habitual Fix


“…Steve is authentic and has genuine integrity … His best characteristics: persistence, patience, calm, a willingness to learn, to have hard conversations and to continually demonstrate and explain a vision”.

Jonathan Hill – Founder – Series Two Communications and Investor Relations


“…Steve has strong coaching capabilities and used them to good effect in his core role as Project Lead and also as part of my Leadership team.  This supported the personal growth in the other members of my team and me.  This took skill and courage and was a key contributor to a positive culture in my business.”

Dave Binnie – General Manager Supply & Distribution – Z Energy

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