In business today every employee or owner, regardless of their role whether they know it or not, are ‘ sales people ‘ and representatives for their company.

At the core of every transaction or interaction, whether internal or external, is the customer.

If the customer is not at the heart of your reason for being in business, driving process, procedure and purpose then it is highly unlikely you will be successful or remain viable.

If you or your company or business want to be highly successful and achieve your true potential there are some core values based activities that if followed will go a long way in making dreams and visions come true.

Selling and the representation of a business culminate in the mutual exchange of value and is the foundation of every business. We should sell how customers want to buy and that is a core principle of the values based program offered by Integrity Solutions.

Integrity Solutions sales training program ‘ Integrity selling ‘ uses proven and more effective discovery based learning based on values, ethics and principles.

The four traits of highly successful sales people are not ingrained or those that people are born with. They are gained by experiential learning, study and experience. They can also be equally unlearned over time which is the enemy of the long standing sales professional.

  1. Goal Clarity
  • Written goals are much more effective as they are proven to have much better chance of being achieved than having none.
  • Written goals are more effective than just having consistent thoughts about the things you want. Over time the mind tends to move the goal posts and as we all know it is much harder to hit a moving target.
  1. High Achievement Drive
  • Made more possible and easier when goals are written – you are working towards a purpose not just some aimless journey.
  • Go where you are afraid to go.
  • Ask what you are afraid to ask.
  • Do what you are afraid to do.
  • Do ‘ one ‘ of the above every day- do what other less successful people are unwilling, unable or incapable of doing.
  • Attitude beats aptitude – always.
  1. Healthy Emotional Intelligence
  • Your moods and emotions greatly influence your activity – understand how this affects your ability and actions in achieving your goals.
  • Your moods and emotions affect others greatly and in a selling situation come through in body language and clarity of thoughts, expressions and conversation.
  • Stop doubting your abilities – when experiencing negative thoughts or a situation that has not gone to your liking. Say STOP, STOP doubting your abilities.
  1. Social Skills
  • Highly successful sales people have an engaging way with people – they are open, encourage two way talk and interchange, they are plausible, likeable, pleasant, and above all genuine and honest.
  • They have a good manner and able to interact well in person, on the phone, email, txt, formal writing.
  • They say what they mean and mean what they say – being straight up, reliable.
  • They always do what they say they will – trust.
  • Their seeming confidence is not arrogance but strong self-belief.
  • All successful sales people are extroverts – wrong!
  • Introverts are wrongly regarded as poor communicators especially in sales whereas they simply converse on a different level. Understanding the difference between personality types is essential when selling to the wider community at large.


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